Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Sometimes your inspiration can be directly traced to a specific event or object.  For instance:

The evil rabbit growth chart my mom embroidered for me.  I’m sure she didn’t think it was evil.  But those eyes freaked me out.  A lot.

bad bunny one

Could you sleep with this looking at you every night?

bad bunny two

And yet, somehow I managed to grow up and be a fairly normal member of society.

Then I started making my own rabbit art.

good bunny one

Good Bunny I 2007  Bic ballpoint on drawing paper

good bunny three

Good Bunny II 2007  Bic ballpoint on drawing paper

good bunny four

Good Bunny III  Bic ballpoint on drawing paper (my favorite of the bunny drawings, don’t tell the others)

good bunny five

Good Bunny III, detail

good bunny six

Good Bunny IV, still in process.  Machine embroidery, beads and sequins

good bunny seven

Good Bunny IV, detail

Macgregors bunny

Macgregor’s Bunny,  mosaic on repurposed name tag

rabbit drawing in color

Mad Hatter’s Rabbit, photo copy of Bic ballpoint drawing, colored with watercolor and colored pencil

white rabbit lark

Concept sketch for rabbit embroidery

bunny felt two

Down the Rabbit Hole 2009 16” x 19”

Bunny felt

Queen of Hearts 2010 18” x 18”

waiting for harvest 72 full

Waiting for Harvest 2007  Bead embroidery on Peltex heavy duty interfacing


Bunny Pierrot II 2010, acrylic on canvas



Clara Bunny 2007  Machine embroidery, stuffed plush

And suddenly Mr. Growth Chart didn’t seem so bad after all.  Look at all the work he inspired!

For more on rabbits and their symbolism you can read Terri Windling’s article at Endicott Studios and see more rabbit art at  Midori Snyder’s blog post.  Read about Chinese New Year here.

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