Monday, November 26, 2012

A Quick One

I'm having a sale at my Etsy shop.  Anything in my shop is 20% off with coupon code FLOOP through November 30.  Send me a private message if you are not in the US or Canada and we can talk shipping. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Time for Firsts

One reason I got into the wonderful world of art quilting was the ease of exhibiting the work.  Or, more to the point, the ease of shipping the work.  The idea of crating and shipping framed works intimidated me, and folding a large scale quilt is much easier, even with one like this which measures 62" x 76".  I wasn't sure how I would ship a framed painting, but with my change of media, it was time to finally learn.

This became a pressing necessity when two of my new paintings were accepted into the West Virginia Arts and Crafts Guild show.  While I could hand deliver the work to the initial venue, the Parkersburg Art Center, they needed to be crated for shipment to and from the second venue.

Fortunately the pieces, while larger than the paintings from my last post, were still small enough to fit into the boxes that are available at FedEx.  For less than $30 I had two boxes to crate my work.  But another challenge lay ahead.

Another factor I had neglected to take into account was that the paintings fit into my car just fine, but the larger of the crates did not.  (Add to the list for next year: source a larger vehicle).  I had two options: put the crates together at my daughter's house and walk the crated work to FedEx, or put the crates together on site at the Parkersburg Art Center.  For this show, I chose the second option. 

Delivery was easy and went well, and I was proud to see my boxes in the staging area with the other boxes containing work for the show.  I had finally broken through the fear of the shipping crate and was entering a new world of exhibiting my work. 

Presenting, my first juried paintings:

"Eclipse"  Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.  30" x 24"

"Batik Moon" Acrylic on canvas.  30" x 30"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Changing Gears

In my last post , I mentioned that I had taken an online painting class offered by Carla Sonheim. Here are some of the results of my explorations following the class (IOW art I made for show/sale, not as part of the classwork, but incorporating techniques I learned in the class).


Underwater Fantasy I  12” x 12” on birch plywood panel.  Watercolor, gesso, charcoal and acrylic ink.  Currently on display at Arts West in Athens Ohio through September 2. 


Lotus Dreams  12” x 12” on birch plywood panel.  Watercolor, gesso, charcoal and acrylic ink.  Private collection.

orange undersea

Crown of Thorns, 12” x 12” on birch plywood panel.  Rice paper, gesso, watercolor, charcoal and acrylic ink.  Currently on display at Arts West in Athens Ohio through September 2.

Purple orange undersea

Who Needs Fronds, 12” x 12” on birch plywood.  Watercolor, gesso, charcoal and acrylic ink.  Private collection.

stormy tree coral

Spiral Dance, 12” x 12” on birch plywood.  Watercolor, gesso, charcoal, India ink and acrylic ink.  Private collection.

tube coral greem background A

Reaching for the Sun, 12” x 12” on birch plywood.  Watercolor, gesso, charcoal, acrylic ink and collage.  Currently on display at Arts West in Athens, Ohio.

urchins green lime background

Tropical Treat, 12” x 12” on birch plywood.  Collage, gesso, watercolor, charcoal and acrylic ink.  Currently on display at Arts West in Athens, Ohio.

I really enjoy working on the small panels of wood and letting myself see what images take form instead of forcing them to come.  Currently I’m working a bit larger, on canvas with acrylics, but I am maintaining the same spirit of exploration and fun that I found in creating these works.

My show of new work, The Mermaid’s Tale, is on exhibit at Arts West, in Athens, Ohio, through September 2.  If you are in the area, I invite you to check it out.  Most pieces are for sale, contact me for more information, and check out my Etsy shop.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Keeping Cool in the Studio

We lost power for almost five days due to the big storm that ripped through Ohio and on to the east coast last Friday.  The hardest part for me was not being able to wake up and head into the studio as I’d been doing since my son finished school at the beginning of June.  I was really enjoying getting in there every day and making progress on things.

I have been painting a lot since taking the class with Carla Sonheim in April.

Today I finally got back upstairs.  And I was lost as to where to begin.

So I cut circles.

blog july 6 cutting circles

Of course I left my little Fiskars in the bag I packed to take with us to the church where we had shelter during the power outage, so I had to use these scissors.  That meant I couldn’t cut out the centers yet.

blog july 6 pile of circles

I kind of like how they look piled up here waiting for me to finish the cutting.  Nothing like cool blues and greens on a hot hot summer day (we’re looking at temps near 100F for the next several days).  It helps that the air conditioner blows at my art table too.

I’ve been taking every July for the past several years to work on personal projects.  This year July has sure gotten off to a weird start.

What have y’all been doing to stay cool?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Challah Collaboration


I am working in collaboration with our local Hillel and PassionWorks artists, on some Challah covers for show and sale May 5th.  Students worked with PassionWorks artists to create colorful, unique challah covers, and then they were turned over to me to enhance with stitching and to finish up.  Each piece is one of a kind.  They all measure approximately 22” x 22”, so they can cover a lot of challah.

Here is the first one that I’ve finished.

challah fancy first

You can see how pretty the colors are.  Each piece is different, but all are colorful and fun.  I stitched the outlines using Kreinik gold machine embroidery thread.

challah fancy detail

You can see the detail here.  Once this was done, I had to figure out how to finish the edges of the burlap.

challah basting

Here is a picture of  basting stitches I put in as a sewing guide for the stay stitch and decorative cording.

challah zigzag

I zigzagged over the basting stitch to keep the burlap from unravelling.

challah edge

Then I zigzagged some Kreinik #16 braid over the zigzags, to add extra sparkle.  You can see where I also did that on the edge of the painting.

challah fancy

Here’s the finished piece.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Now to do this at least 28 more times!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Red Bird in the Morning

redbird in the morning 72 web

Redbird in the Morning 2004  Hand embroidery on twill, patchwork, machine quilted.

Birds are some of my favorite subjects.  Here’s one I made inspired by the techniques in the book  Painting with Stitches by Sue Dove.  You can see more of my birds at my website.

Welcome to everyone clicking from The Brave Girls’ Club newsletter!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Left Handed Complement

Lately I’ve been trying to shake up my art making habits.  I’ve not been letting myself go to my default time-killers, like knitting or mindless beadwork (as opposed to beaded imagery).  It’s been really difficult.  Some days I don’t do anything at all because I’m “not allowed” to go to those default activities.  I just feel that right now I really want to concentrate on one or two forms.  And I really miss drawing.  It’s my original voice, and it’s gotten buried underneath all the other layers of forms I’ve been visiting.

Last night I watched the Grammys, and as I watched, I decided to do something a little different.  I allowed myself to draw with my non-dominant hand.  In this case, my left hand.  I had fun and wasn’t worried about the outcome or making it perfect.  And as I drew I could feel the delight coming back.

left handed drawing one

This guy kind of reminds me of Max from Where the Wild Things Are. 

left handed drawing two

I think this is my favorite.  I had lots of fun drawing the suckers on the tentacles, and the little fish remind me of the submarines I drew for the Sketchbook Project two years ago.  I think I will be revisiting this image again.

left handed drawing three

By the third drawing I was starting to think about subject matter.  I thought this was going to be a bee, but she kind of morphed into someone sleeping in their cocoon.  I’m not sure what the dream is about.  I added the jar because it represents the container for her dreams.

left handed drawing four

This was drawn near the end of the show, when they were announcing the Song and Album of the Year.  I didn’t want to fill the whole sky with flowers and that is why I drew the big marquee.  It reminds me of the ending credits of the old Bullwinkle show.  You can see how tired the little bird is by the circles under his eyes.  It was a long night of fun.

Drawing this way really helped me loosen up and just enjoy the process.  I highly recommend it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Now for Something Completely Different

I have been working on a few different things, mostly involving painted paper or paint on canvas or sometimes a little of both.  Ironically some of these experiments were to get away from the fiddliness of working with patchwork.  Gluing is still a lot faster than sewing. :) 

Summer Carnival

Summer Carnival, painted paper on canvas.  I use Golden gel medium to attach the paper cutouts to the canvas.

summer carnival detail

Detail.  Here you can see the different mark making tools I use to make the painted paper.  These include Print Gocco (the fish), linoleum prints (the red dots in the upper left area are a frog), and carved stamps (the white star-like forms and the white stars).

Autumn Lotus

Autumn Lotus

This is one of those things where I got a crazy idea to cut a bunch of lotus stencils out of a sheet of painted paper.  I am unsure whether this is in process or it is complete.

Koi spring

Koi Spring

This technique was so cool that I decided to try it on a larger scale.  My fingers weren’t too happy with me, but it was worth the effort.

koi spring detail_picnik

Detail, you can see the dots from the sequin waste I used as a stencil and the detail of the red koi shapes I painted onto the original paper.   This piece is definitely still in process.  Stay tuned for updates.

Into the Void

Into the Void  Acrylic on canvas with graphite drawings added.  I am unsure whether this is complete or whether I want to go back into it with some india ink or liquid acrylic to emphasize the lines.

into the void detail 1

A detail showing the graphite drawing in more detail.  I like the way the paint washes blur the lines of the drawing.

into the void detail 2

The texture in this piece comes from some rice paper that I had initially adhered to the canvas, again using the Golden gel medium.

And today, after a several week hiatus due to mom duties (hockey and school), I was able to get back into the studio and begin a new painting.

In the Between

In the Between, acrylic on canvas, and still very much in process, though it was nice to get back into the studio and just play with paint and color.