Friday, July 6, 2012

Keeping Cool in the Studio

We lost power for almost five days due to the big storm that ripped through Ohio and on to the east coast last Friday.  The hardest part for me was not being able to wake up and head into the studio as I’d been doing since my son finished school at the beginning of June.  I was really enjoying getting in there every day and making progress on things.

I have been painting a lot since taking the class with Carla Sonheim in April.

Today I finally got back upstairs.  And I was lost as to where to begin.

So I cut circles.

blog july 6 cutting circles

Of course I left my little Fiskars in the bag I packed to take with us to the church where we had shelter during the power outage, so I had to use these scissors.  That meant I couldn’t cut out the centers yet.

blog july 6 pile of circles

I kind of like how they look piled up here waiting for me to finish the cutting.  Nothing like cool blues and greens on a hot hot summer day (we’re looking at temps near 100F for the next several days).  It helps that the air conditioner blows at my art table too.

I’ve been taking every July for the past several years to work on personal projects.  This year July has sure gotten off to a weird start.

What have y’all been doing to stay cool?


  1. I take the same approach when I've been away from the studio...just do something approach works for getting me grounded again. As for staying cool, staying in is the only solution.

  2. I love your description of the repetition activity that got you back into your groove. I have been doing physical therapy for my hands, and have found that I have to work in short increments, so I, too, need ways to get back to work. What works well for me is leaving something easy ready to go, so when I walk in, there it is, and I know how to start.