Thursday, December 8, 2011

30 Days of Drawing, Day Eight: Draw Hard

When I was little, my grandpa worked at the General Motors Tech Center.  He would bring home tons of Prismacolor pencils for me to play with.  I think he’d be pleased to see that I am still drawing all these years later.

Today I finally got back into the studio for a little while, so I went a little hog wild.

30 days day eight a

You might recognize this necklace from the past two days of pencil and pen and ink drawings.  The bone beads with the incised detail were a pain, but I’m overall pleased with how they turned out.  I really love the lampwork beads and the detail in them.

30 days day eight b

I wasn’t ready to go back downstairs, so I did another drawing, this time based on a small sieve my friend picked up for me at a yard sale.  I just love old tools.  I wanted to detail the handle of the piece.

drawing red one

Here’s a different version of the same tool, from a large drawing I was working on last month.

I’m not sure what tomorrow is going to bring, but I know it will be fun!  There’s still time to play along, head over to Traci’s journal and add your name to the caravan.

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