Thursday, June 16, 2011

Show Prep

In addition to my show at the Casa Nueva restaurant here in town, and my group show with the Innovative Art Alliance at the Parkersburg Art Center, on Sunday I am hanging a show at Donkey Coffee and Espresso.  Here are a few of the pieces I will be featuring.

donkey show monkey pants 

The background of this piece is painted on Fabriano cold press 300lb watercolor paper, while the monkey is painted on Arches cold press 140lb watercolor paper. It measures 30” x 22”

donkey show party hat

This piece is painted on 140lb Arches cold press watercolor paper.  I happened onto a really sweet clearance sale at Michael’s last summer and was able to get 22 sheets of this wonderful paper for around ten dollars. 

I am planning on having a few more of these pieces completed before we hang on Sunday, so I’m off to the studio.


  1. i love your monkey! i need to paint more monkeys. I've done a couple. i love that paper, too. though my fav is the same paper in 300 lb weight. Dale uses that and I had a bunch of scraps of it which was awesome but I eventually used them up and am now forced to buy my own. Dickblick has ok prices on it!

  2. They were clearing out all the open stock papers, someone else had beaten me to the 300lb, I like that best as well, it can take a lot more abuse :) I have done several monkey pieces, two quilts and a beadwork. Hanging all these other shows reminded me how much fun they were.